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How to Open a Dispute on AliExpress?

Do you always want to come out of AliExpress disputes as a winner? We have all the information and tools you need to get the most out of your shopping deals.
AliExpress Dispute: How to Open It? Full Guide

The feature of opening a dispute on AliExpress is a way to protect buyers when conducting transactions online. It allows customers to demand a refund if something goes wrong during their shopping process.

All AliExpress buyers have the right to open a dispute in case of dissatisfaction, as it is a relatively common practice when shopping online. However, for a favorable dispute outcome, it is crucial to understand how the procedure goes and what you, as a client, are entitled to claim. Read our detailed AliExpress dispute guide to learn the essential steps of opening a dispute and improving your shopping experience.

When Should You Open the Dispute?

Depending on the situation, you can receive a partial or full refund from the seller or initiate a return by sending the faulty product back. The grounds for opening a dispute may be:

  • the goods did not arrive
  • the product does not match the description
  • there are problems with the quality of the goods 
  • the goods arrived damaged
  • the delivery method does not match the description
  • the quantity of the goods does not correspond to the ordered amount
  • the product is fake
  • there are problems with the components
  • the customer places the order by mistake
  • the client found the same product at a lower price
  • the customer no longer needs the item due to personal reasons

Typically, if the product does not look like on the seller’s photo, is severely damaged, or did not arrive at all, you can request a full refund. If you made a mistake when ordering the item, you would need to ship it back to receive your refund. In cases of minor defects that do not affect usability, most disputes resolve with a partial money return. But how does one open a dispute on AliExpress? 

Steps to Open a Dispute

To open a dispute, you need to follow a standard procedure. Make sure you fill up all the necessary fields and provide accurate information.

Step 1. Select the Product 

Log into your AliExpress personal account and go to the “My Orders” section.

From the list of ordered items, select the one with which you are experiencing the issue. If there are several goods for which you need to open a dispute, you will have to do it separately for each product.

After selecting the item, click on the “Open Dispute” button.

Step 2. Decide on Your Claim

The AliExpress system will offer you two options to choose from: “Refund only” or “Return of goods and money”.

If the goods are not usable due to the seller’s or shipping company’s mistake, or you have not received them at all, select “Refund only.” Later on, you will be able to state whether you want a partial or full refund.

If, on the other hand, the cause of the refund request is not due to the supplier’s fault, click “Return of goods and money.” However, in this case, you will most likely have to pay the shipping expenses yourself.

Step 3. Fill in a Dispute Application

After you select the type of dispute, a new window will pop up. The success of your negotiation will depend on how well you fill in this form. Here is how it goes:

  1. Select an expected solution that will help resolve the dispute
  2. In the “Have you received the goods” window, select the answer (yes or no)
  3. In the item’s “Refund amount” field indicate the desired amount of refund. It cannot be more than the item’s price with shipping costs.
  4. Elaborate the reason why you are filing a dispute. Indicate the defects of the goods or the fact that the goods did not arrive.
  5. Provide as many proofs of your claim as possible. For example, you can attach a screenshot from the tracking site that shows the item was not delivered. You can also provide a photo or video of a product that turned out to be of inadequate quality or did not meet your expectations.
  6. After filling in all the fields, click the “Submit” button.

Finally, you have filed a dispute. What now? There are several ways in which it can progress. Read on to find out how to deal with each of them!

The Dispute Escalation

Usually, the second party responds to the dispute promptly. However, there are several ways in which the seller may react to the client’s claim:

  • The seller agrees with the claim. It is the best possible outcome for the customers as the dispute closes according to their application.
  • The store ignores the dispute. Such an outcome is also a positive one, as the dispute closes automatically within a week to the customers’ favor.
  • The seller provides a counter-offer. In this case, the buyers have a choice: to consent or to disagree with the proposal. There can be several rounds of proposals from the store’s side. Be sure to respond promptly. The AliExpress representatives will deal as a mediator with all unresolved disputes and decide on the final verdict.
  • The store’s representative sends the buyer a private message. It is highly advisable to conduct disputes only via the AliExpress system. Only then the buyer can receive full customer protection. Thus, if a seller tries to contact you by means of direct messaging, be extremely careful.

If anyhow, you manage to come to an alternative agreement with the supplier, you can close the dispute. Only the customer and AliExpress administration have the right to close or cancel a dispute. It is another vital consumer protection mechanism that effectively operates on AliExpress.

The procedure for canceling the dispute is as follows:

  • Go to the “My Orders” section 
  • Find the dispute you wish to close
  • Press the “Dispute cancellation” button and indicate the reason for your decision

Closing a dispute does not mean that it cannot be reopened if necessary. It usually happens if the store representative fails to fulfill the obligations on which you agreed previously. The procedure for reopening a dispute is entirely similar to the standard one.

AliExpress Verdict 

After the dispute is over, you will be able to see the result on the same page. Besides, you will receive an email notification. Here are the possible outcomes:

  • Full refund. It is an expected outcome of a dispute in a situation where the client has not received the goods.
  • Full refund with return of goods that do not correspond to the description. The seller covers the shipping costs.
  • Full refund with the return of goods with shipping at the buyer’s expense. Such a decision is common in the event of customers’ mistakes.
  • Partial financial compensation. The seller agrees to provide a partial refund for the item’s defects that do not hinder its practical use.

One of the critical factors that play a role on the AliExpress platform is the rating. Suppliers always care about customer feedback, so they often do their best to satisfy their buyers. It works especially in cases where the dispute does not involve severe financial costs.

Generally speaking, disputes take around two weeks to be resolved. After that, you will have to wait for your refund to be issued. Usually, it takes up to ten business days. However, there sometimes are situations when the store is reluctant to accept the client’s claim. In this case, the administration of AliExpress will take care of the dispute, and the resolution’s waiting time may extend up to two months. 

How to Avoid Dispute Situations on AliExpress?

The customer protection algorithm on AliExpress works reasonably well most of the time. Nevertheless, the dispute’s outcome depends on many factors, such as your claim, the supplier’s attitude, the cost of the goods, and more. Besides, the dispute process typically requires the buyer to be patient. After all, it will typically take at least two weeks until the customer will receive the funds.

The dissatisfaction with a product or service never comes as a part of a pleasant shopping experience. Thus, it is better to avoid situations when opening a dispute becomes a necessity. But how can you know which seller is reliable?

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