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Is AliExpress Standard Shipping Reliable?

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping? Which shipping method is the best one? Read our article to find out and get useful information
AliExpress Standard Shipping: What Is It?

When deciding on a shipping method, the user encounters several options that the AliExpress platform offers. But which one is the most beneficial of all? Our guide has everything you need to know to get the best out of your AliExpress shopping experience. Read on to find out!

Is AliExpress Standard Shipping Reliable?

You have been browsing for a long time, comparing specifications, reading reviews, studying discounts, and promotions on AliExpress, and finally, you found that perfect deal! Now it’s time to choose the delivery method for your parcel. 

Where Does AliExpress Ship From? 

The majority of sellers on AliExpress are based in China and ship parcels worldwide. Besides, one of the major advantages of AliExpress over other platforms is the availability of its warehouses in different countries. It often allows to shorten shipping times significantly and eliminate the need to pay extra taxes. 

However, not all sellers have warehouses outside China. If you want to buy something that will arrive quickly, make sure you filter the list of search results by country of dispatch.

How Long Does AliExpress Take to Deliver?

People from China’s neighboring locations are typically the first ones to receive their orders. Nevertheless, if your country happens to host the seller’s warehouse, you will receive your goods in no time. But which shipping methods does Aliexpress offer, and which one should you choose?

All methods can be roughly divided into three types:

  • Unregistered shipping. This method is suitable for small, cheap goods that fit in a soft bag. It usually is impossible to track the shipment, and you will not receive a delivery notification. The postman delivers such small parcels to the post office or directly to your mailbox. There is no need for your signature or proof of receipt. 
  • Registered mail. It is the most common type of delivery among stores on AliExpress. After the purchase, you receive a code to track the parcel. The postman will have to hand over the purchase personally and receive your confirmation signature. Alternatively, the postman will leave a notice for you to pick up the goods from your local post office. 
  • Private courier delivery. This shipping option is best for valuable, fragile, expensive, and bulky products. Your purchase will travel in the best conditions and under the protection of a private company. The shipment will arrive much faster, but this type of delivery is the most expensive and is almost always subject to additional costs at customs.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common AliExpress delivery methods from these categories.

1. AliExpress Standard Shipping

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a logistics company that belongs to the Alibaba Group. The essence of this method is that an intermediary appears between the sender and the recipient – the AliExpress logistics department. So, in other delivery options, the chain appears as follows:

Seller -> Courier service -> Customer

In the case of AliExpress Standard Shipping, the tracking chain looks like this:

Seller -> AliExpress warehouse (logistics department) -> Courier service -> Customer

The advantage of this option is that the shipping process and the creation of a tracking number are under the AliExpress representatives’ control. AliExpress Standard Shipping cooperates with many postal and courier carriers: Singapore Post, Posti Finland, Correos, and other worldwide services.

Typically, it is not the cheapest type of delivery. However, the reliability also increases: the shipment will have tracking details, and the transfer speed is relatively fast. The average delivery time for packages via AliExpress Standard Shipping is 15-45 days. AliExpress also has premium shipments. The average travel speed for premium parcels is 7-15 days.

2. Cainiao Super Economy Global

Cainiao, a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, launched a new type of delivery on Aliexpress on June 20, 2018 – Cainiao Super Economy. Despite being relatively new, this shipping method is a direct competitor of the long-standing delivery options, such as China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, Yanwen Economic Air Mail, SF Economic Air Mail, and SunYou Economic Air Mail.

The service provider also launched Cainiao Super Economy for Special Goods on September 25. It is slightly more expensive than the regular Super Economy but has a more extensive list of goods allowed for transportation.

The logistics of this method go directly through Cainiao’s own platform. In most countries, the standard Cainiao’s delivery option is available only for goods that are worth less than $5 and weigh no more than 2 kg. Shipping takes approximately 30-50 days, with a secured delivery period within 60 days.

Tracking information for this delivery option is only available within China. The tracking numbers of the shipments of the following type are:

  • UA .. 9 digits ..HK for Cainiao Super Economy
  • UG .. 9 digits .. HK for Cainiao Super Economy for Special Goods

3. China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus 

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is one of the shipping methods sellers choose for inexpensive goods with free shipping. It may be listed among the delivery options or appear as the Sellers Shipping Method.

The average delivery time using this method is 20-60 days. The tracking number may appear as follows:

  • 11 digits
  • 11 digits + BJ
  • RE …… EN

4. Yanwen Express

Yanwen Express is a popular parcel delivery service, often used by Chinese sellers due to its well-established and varied shipping methods. Yanwen offers door-to-door shipping and tracking, free secondary packaging, and professional consultation. 

Yanwen Express cooperates with many international postal services, such as China Post, DHL Global Mail, Malaysia Post, Finland Posti, etc. Therefore, Yanwen manages to offer efficient delivery methods in terms of speed and cost.

The most common shipping method is Yanwen Economic Air Mail, which is perfect for transporting small goods purchased online from Chinese sellers. It is a low-cost and, at the same time, relatively fast delivery. 

Like many low-cost logistic services, Yanwen Economic Air Mail tracking is most often available within China only. The assigned tracking number of Yanwen Economic typically follows the pattern as in LP00012345874301. The local carrier may assign an untrackable number to the shipment upon arrival to the destination country.

Yanwen Economic Air Mail also has numbers like UA123456789YP, UB123456789YP, etc. Such parcels arrive on average in 25-30 days.

Yanwen Logistics also dispatches packages with full traceability. The following Yanwen Express numbers look like this:

  • VR123456786YP
  • UR123456789YP
  • RH123456789CN

Such shipments have tracking numbers of international formats and are trackable until the delivery to the recipient.

5. SunYou Economic Air Mail

SunYou Post AM is a cost-effective shipping method common on AliExpress. Many sellers use it to send small items. The average delivery time with SunYou Economic Air Mail is 40-60 days.

The tracking number for this delivery method is not international (cannot be tracked on the territory of the destination country) and looks like this: 

  • SY00000000000
  • LP00000000000000
  • SYXXX00000000

With untrackable shipments, delays may happen. Many customers complain about long shipping with SunYou. If you picked it as a shipment method, keep track of the buyer’s protection period in your account. When the customer protection runs out, you can open a dispute with the seller to ensure your money is safe.

6. China Post Registered Airmail

China Post Registered Air Mail is international airmail of small packages by China Post weighing up to 2 kg, which can be fully tracked. It is available for 176 countries worldwide. It is a reliable delivery method. Items are rarely lost and tend to arrive in good condition. 

Alibaba Group also often uses it to send orders through AliExpress standard shipping. After processing orders in its warehouse, the store intermediary transfers them to China Post. This delivery method uses tracking numbers, such as:

  • RP000000000CN
  • RV000000000CN
  • RG000000000CN
  • RW000000000CN
  • RQ000000000CN
  • RF000000000CN

Alongside AliExpress Standard Shipping, the China Post Registered Airmail delivery option is often free.

On average, these small packages reach the addressee in 20-45 days. During the low season, they can arrive in two weeks. For shipments that have not arrived within 60 days, AliExpress guarantees a refund.

7. Singapore Post

Singapore Post is the state postal operator of Singapore. It provides a range of services for collecting, sorting, and delivering domestic and international mail. Many AliExpress sellers use Singapore Post to ship items prohibited by low-cost delivery services of China Post. Besides, the delivery time for parcels by Singapore Post is significantly shorter than that of China Post.

In China, Singapore Post operates through logistics partners such as 4PX Express, who ship parcels from the merchant to Singapore Post. The tracking numbers typically appear as:

  • RA123456785SG 
  • CD123456785SG 
  • EE123456785SG

Sometimes it happens that the parcel of Singapore Post’s tracking is unavailable for some time. It is due to the fact that 4PX Express often handles the shipment first. The order starts to have tracking information on the 4PX Express website, and only after a while, the parcel is sent to Singapore post.

8. Private Carrier Services

There are numerous transport companies, but typically sellers prefer to entrust their valuable cargo to proven market players, so you can expect delivery methods in all AliExpress stores to be approximately the same. Private companies include DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, and others.

The pricing of private carrier services is higher than the one of standard delivery options. However, it ensures express shipment to almost any part of the world. Read on for a detailed comparison of the most popular delivery options on AliExpress.

How to Find Out Which Delivery Options are Available?

It is essential to understand that AliExpress is a platform for thousands of retailers. Thus, each store provides its own set of shipping options and is responsible for ensuring that the goods arrive to the customer.

To find out which delivery methods are available for your order, go to the product’s page. There, the algorithm assigns a suggested shipment option. Click on it, select the destination country, and compare the variants by Estimated delivery, cost, and tracking availability.

Which Shipping Method is the Best?

Every delivery method has its pros and cons. However, the variety of shipping methods available on AliExpress allows the users to choose the option that will be the most efficient to suit their needs. What follows is a comparison of the key features of the main AliExpress shipping options.

FeaturesDelivery Time (days)Shipment WeightShipment Parameters (total sum of 3 sides)PricingTrackingLimitationsCustomer Rating (0-5)
AliExpress Standard Shipping15-45 Depends on country/region. Up to 30kgDepends on country/region. Not exceeding 300cm0-3$YesStrict rules applied with batteries. No cosmetic deliveries4
Cainiao Super Economy30-50No more than 2kgFlat mailpieces: not exceeding 90cm. 
Rolled up: 104cm in length and diameter
Depends on location, mostly freeOnly in ChinaBatteries, cosmetics, electronic devices with user-replaceable batteries4
China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus20-90No more than 2kgFlat mailpieces: not exceeding 90cm.
Rolled up: 104cm in length and diameter
2.63$/100g and 1.90$ every additional 100gNoBatteries, battery suspected products, laser pens, liquids, powder, medicines, tools4
Yanwen Express25-30No more than 2kgNot specifiedDepends on country of destination and weight
Starting from 3.26$/100g
Only in ChinaSpecial goods limited in certain countries (i.e. internal electrical goods and solid cosmetics)3
SunYou Economic Air Mail40-70No more than 2kg. Up to 20kg to some countriesMaximum l + w + h <= 90 cmTypically free shipping or not exceeding 5$Only in ChinaDangerous goods, flammables2
China Post Registered Airmail20-45No more than 2kgMaximum l + w + h <= 60 cm3.66$/100g and 3.37$ every additional 100gYesToys that looks like firearms, portable electronics that contain batteries, cosmetics, food, beverages4
Singapore Post (international: small Packets-ordinary)6-12 daysNo more than 2kg32cm L
2.30cm w
6.5cm h
Starting from 4.70$/100gNoDangerous goods i.e. flammables, lithium batteries4.3
DHL Express15-45 daysNo more than 2kg90cm²Starting from 18.83$/100gyesLive animals, animal trophies, firearms, cash, loose precious and semi precious stones4.2
UPS0-14 daysUp to 68kgUp to 274cm in lengthBased on fixed rate and destination zone. Starting from 8.25$YesAlcohol, tobacco, plants, Perishables, dangerous goods, precious metals4.1
EMS (ePacket)Depends on country. 7 to 30 daysUp to 2kgMinimum 14cm long and 11cm wide. Maximum l + w + h <= 90cmStarting from 22.24$/100gYesExplosive, inflammable, erosive, and poisonous articles. Perishable items, live animals, currencies4.4

AliExpress Delivery Nuances to Consider

When selecting a shipping option, keep in mind that the delivery’s pricing and speed highly rely on the order’s specifications, such as:

  • Country of dispatch
  • Delivery destination
  • Shipment size and weight

Thus, all the information provided about the shipment’s expected delivery time is an estimate and may vary.

Also, remember that changing the number of goods may affect the delivery option due to weight limitations in some methods. Therefore, if you decide to order a different number of goods, it may be more profitable to use another delivery method.

Is AliExpress Standard Shipping Worth the Wait?

If you have chosen a product with Aliexpress Standard Shipping, the seller will send the goods to the Aliexpress warehouse. The logistics service then determines which company is faster and more reliable to ship the order to your location and sends your parcel.

The advantages of AliExpress Standard Shipping are:

  • Fast dispatch and delivery without delays
  • AliExpress controls the tracking number and the shipping process, not the seller
  • tracking on the AliExpress website
  • no fraud risk from the seller
  • the parcel will arrive with the fastest and most efficient carrier option

Another plus of AliExpress Standard Shipping is the instant connection of the customer support team in case of a dispute. Since the AliExpress platform is responsible for delivering the goods, the dispute opened over an order with this delivery method escalates automatically after opening, and mediators are directly involved in your question.

All in all, it is an excellent reliable method that is worth the wait due to its efficiency and high level of customer security. 

Cheap and Free AliExpress Shipping Methods

Generally speaking, the fastest delivery methods on AliExpress are not the cheapest ones. However, if you prefer free shipping but do not require express delivery, you can still receive your order fairly fast. The top cheapest and fastest AliExpress shipping methods are:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • Yanwen Express
  • China Post Registered Airmail
  • Cainiao Super Economy
  • China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus

Keep in mind that the price of delivery varies greatly depending on the addressee’s location. For every order, you should check the shipping options carefully, as the seller may be offering several affordable or free variants with different delivery periods.

Fast Shipping Methods

In most cases, the fastest shipping methods offered on AliExpress are presented by private carrier services, such as:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • EMS

These service providers usually deliver packages to the destination within two weeks. However, it is good to remember that such delivery options may be rather costly. At times, the price of such shipping may be double or triple the price of the order.

How to Track My Order?

To track mailings from AliExpress, go to the “My Orders” section. Select the order and click on the link “View data.” On this page, copy the tracking number and paste it into the delivery service’s website tracking field indicated in your order.

This process is rather time-consuming, especially if you prefer to know about all the updates regarding your order’s movements. However, there is an easy solution that allows you to save your effort. Read on to find out how!

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  • 6 months’ price dynamics
  • Reviews with visuals
  • Image search
  • Seller reliability check
  • Similar items comparison

Besides, Alitools offers an opportunity to track your order on the order’s page all the way from dispatch to final delivery. This function allows you to access the shipment’s status updates without leaving the AliExpress online store.

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