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AliExpress Points: What They Are, How to Get and Where to Use Them

AliExpress points are a type of loyalty program that all shoppers can benefit from. See how this system works and how to get those precious points.
AliExpress Points: What They Are, How to Get and Where to Use Them

AliExpress has been on the rise for the last few years, there’s no doubt about it. But they offer not only good prices and great products but also tons of engagement points that keep customers coming back. 

With the AliExpress points system, searching for products becomes a fun and engaging experience.  Besides products, you also gain something extra at no cost, and in this article, we’ll show you how.

What Are AliExpress Points?

Reward points on AliExpress are essentially its local currency. The number of points determines the customer level and, based on that, gives access to certain privileges. The higher the level, the more bonuses, and privileges the account receives. Points are awarded not only for purchases but also for being active and using AliExpress services.

Now let’s look into each level in more detail: 

  • Silver. Given after the first purchase, you gain access to featured brands, a 10th-anniversary coupon, a birthday coupon, and a 5% discount.  
  • Gold. Given after several purchases that are worth more than 100 points, you get the same benefits as listed above but with an 8% discount. 
  • Platinum. This one is reserved for regular customers with more than 500 points. In addition to standard benefits, you will be eligible for 10% discounts, exclusive sales, and more flexible return policies. 
  • Diamond. This is the highest level for AliExpress for more than 1500 points. This awards you a discount of 15% along with other perks.

How to Get AliExpress Points

There are no cheats to get quick points for AliExpress. The only way to earn points is to constantly use the platform and make frequent purchases. There are also several free methods, which aren’t as impactful but still work.

Let’s go over all method to get AliExpress rewards:

  • Make purchases. This is the most basic and obvious way but don’t interpret this as an excuse to shop excessively. Just make regular orders just like you would at regular stores. A quick tip is that expensive items get you more points.
  • Write reviews and posts. Make them lengthy and descriptive, as three-word reviews won’t really be enough. You can mention how the delivery went, how the seller communicates the quality of the item, etc. 
  • Download the mobile app. AliExpress gives privileges for using their app. Try to be an active user – log in to the app daily, complete daily tasks, and share it with your friends. 
  • Play games. The mobile application has a tree growing simulator. Water it, fertilize it and get coins in the meantime. The larger the plant, the more “fruits” the user receives.
  • Take part in promotions and lotteries.

What to Do with AliExpress Points

It’s very easy to use the points system. We’ve briefly discussed that points aren’t the same as cash, and you need to exchange points for coupons to use them. Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to your personal account and find the section with your level displayed at the Member Center. 
  2. Find out how many points you have at the top and click on the button. 
  3. You will see a pop-up window offering you to buy a coupon. 
  4. Choose the coupon you like and spend your points on it. 
  5. Open the Coupons section at the top of your personal account and activate it!

Bear in mind that some restrictions apply. For instance, you can’t get more than three discounts a day. Also, just like points are awarded automatically, they are deducted and updated. They are recounted at the end of every calendar month, and you are awarded a new level on the 8th day of every month. As for the coupons you buy with points, they are reset to zero if you don’t use it within a month.

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